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Monday, October 03, 2005

Back to reality

Today was my first day back to work. I told myself I would try to take it easy, but of course I ended up putting in nearly a 10-hour day.

One thing that was interesting: I find that I sit at work a lot more than I realized. At one point I went to stand up and felt very stiff and uncomfortable. It turned out I had been sitting for a solid two hours. While I was recuperating at home I never sat that long. I think I'm also subconsciously trying not to move while I'm sitting, which contributes to my growing stiff. Tomorrow I'm going to make a conscious effort to move around more.

I did see Dr. Gee today. He said that he felt my incision was healing very well. I have to wear the binder for three more weeks - which I expected - but I don't have to go back to see him for another four months. At that time I'll go back and have my "after" pictures taken. He did remove about five stitches; the stitches were all the dissolving kind, but these just hadn't dissolved yet and they were aggravating my skin, so it was time for them to go.

The other part of coming back to reality came with my credit card bill today: $13,600. Ah well; I knew it was coming. Also, I get 13,600 airline miles :-). That trip to the Caribbean this winter is looking better and better.

My walking continues to increase. Yesterday I walked eleven-and-a-half miles, from Arlington to Wakefield. It was exhausting, but it was a good exhaustion, the kind you feel after a good workout. The walk took me four hours, which means I am continuing to walk about twenty percent slower than prior to the surgery. The speed will come back as I continue to heal, and once I no longer have to wear the binder I'm sure I'll regain the rest of my speed.