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Friday, September 23, 2005

Steady progress

I continue to make steady progress in my recovery. Each day I feel a little less tight. Each day I regain a little more sensation (usually denoted by a healthy itch :-(). Each day I seem to be able to do more and feel less tired.

Yesterday was particularly interesting because I made some sort of quantum improvement. I felt significantly more flexible, regained significantly more sensation, and went for a 1.4 mile walk without feeling very tired at all. This morning when I showered I looked carefully at the incision; it's healing nicely, and there's no noticeable bruising and swelling.

Wednesday Yoryos, Brian and Sean from work visited at lunch. It was great to see them; I've been working from home over the Internet pretty much the whole time I've been out, so between the phone, e-mail and instant messaging I've been in fairly constant contact with them, but that still isn't the same as interacting with them face-to-face.

Yoryos brought me the Camelbak I talked about in my previous post. It's very cool; he also gave me a spare bladder so that one can be cleaned or chilling while the other is in use. He also gave me a cleaning kit; I had wondered if there would be an issue keeping the bladder clean. Having it be removable makes that much less of an issue, but water bottles still need to be cleaned every so often to prevent algae or bacterial build-up; Camelbak offers a cleaning kit with disinfectant tablets and a wire brush, much like you would use for an aquarium.

Sean also brought me a bunch of books to read. I had set aside a bunch of books to read on the theory that I would be too wiped out during my recovery to do any heavy thinking for work, but I'd be able to read off and on, especially during the first week. Wrong! The surgery was on the 9th; I came home on the 10th. I was doing e-mail on the 11th and was back to working on the 12th. So much for taking it easy :-).

It's now been two weeks since the surgery. I certainly have more of an appreciation for what people who've gone through surgery have to do to recover. I also have had my belief reinforced that you should try to be in the best shape possible if you're going to undergo an elective procedure like this. I'm sure it's made my recovery easier than it otherwise would have been. Though it's published by a company promoting its own medications, this web site has a good summary of all the things you can do to improve the post-surgical healing process.


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