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Monday, September 26, 2005

Psychological Healing

My recovery continues on track. Physically, everything is going well; I continue to gain more flexibility and sensation every day. Yesterday I walked 3.2 miles: 1.5 miles in the morning, and 1.7 miles in the evening. I felt great after both walks.

I have found that some of the process of recovering from any kind of illness or injury is psychological. For me it is important to get back to as normal a routine as possible as soon as possible. To that end, I made a symbolic change yesterday in that I stopped wearing the baggy sweatpants I'd been wearing since the surgery and have gone back to wearing my jeans.

I started wearing my jeans on my walks a week ago, but would change back into the sweatpants when I got back home. Part of the reason for wearing the sweatpants was to put as little pressure on the incision as possible; when I sit propped up in bed, I was afraid that my jeans' waistband would apply undue pressure on the wound. It turns out, though, that my fear was unfounded; I've lost enough skin off my waist that my jeans are baggy now, too, even while I'm wearing my binder.

Getting back to my normal routine also means showering every day instead of every other day. I'd been nervous about showering, not wanting to have the water hitting the incision, even though it's sealed under waterproof plastic tape. As I continue to heal, though, I've become more comfortable with allowing the skin around the incision to be touched, to the point where having water hit the incision directly does not bother me.

So between showering, wearing my contact lenses every day instead of my glasses, and wearing more normal clothes, I'm rapidly getting back into a wellness mindframe. And that, in turn, is helping me to continue to improve physically.

On Thursday I get to remove my tape. I have to call Dr. Gee's office that day and find out how long I should be wearing the binder. It still provides a measure of psychological support as well as physical support, but not wearing it will be one more step along the path back to a normal routine.


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Forget the jeans, we wanna see you in shorts!

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