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Monday, September 12, 2005

Look ma, no stitches!

Yesterday I took my first shower since the operation, which gave me my first opportunity to look at the results. Dr. Gee did a great job. There's very little swelling, but most amazing at all, there are no stitches! Apparently he used something that the hospital nurses referred to as dermabond. Whether he used actual Dermabond or a dermabond-like substance, the end result is that I have no stitches; just a line where the incision was, covered by a wide swatch of clear plastic tape.

Actually, I think I do have a few stitches. The holes where the drains emerge appear to be sutured closed. It's hard to tell; the areas are tender (not painful, but it's a funky, pressure feeling) and, frankly, the drains still creep me out. Though much less so than they did when I first dealt with them.

I made the appointment to have my drains inspected and hopefully removed for Thursday at 1:00 PM. I'm really hoping that they get removed; they have become the biggest annoyance for me at this point.

I also had my first non-standing trip to the bathroom today, if you know what I mean. Thanks goodness for Phillip's Milk of Magnesia. I'd never tried it before - I have a pretty high-fiber diet, so I usually don't need anything like it - but I had read several web sites of people who'd been through this surgery who recommended it, so I started taking it two days ago. It made the bathroom session much easier, though it was still a long, time consuming process: from walking into the bathroom to walking out was nearly 30 minutes. I'm sure it could have been shorter, but I really didn't want to do anything to risk my recovery. By the way, I can personally recommend the Wild Cherry flavor; it isn't chalky at all, nor does it have that sickly sweet taste like cough syrup. In fact, it's quite pleasant.

Today I actually started doing some work from home. Our office needs better throughput on its Internet access; usually when I download from a web site I can get anywhere from 300K to 600K bytes per second, but from our office I can only get maybe 150K, if I'm lucky.

Just for fun, I weighed myself today. I did this right after eating breakfast, wearing my recovery clothes (oversized T-shirt and baggy sweatpants), wearing my binder, and with my drains. Even with all that, plus the swelling I have, I'm 3 pounds lighter than I was the morning I went into surgery. I have a feeling Dr. Gee removed more than the estimated 6 pounds of skin. Time to recalculate my calorie budget - after I'm more fully recovered, of course :-).


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