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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Healing Frustration

My recovery continues on track, but not fast enough for me.

I knew this would be an issue; basically, I don't have a lot of patience, especially with myself. It has now been 10 days since my surgery. The incision is healing nicely, and now that the drains are out, I have more mobility than I've had since this adventure began. Last night I was even able to sleep on my side for several hours.

Still, I want to be healed now. This evening I went for another walk, this time stretching it to 1.4 miles. Before the surgery I could do 1.4 miles holding my breath. Now, instead of taking 25 minutes, it took 37 minutes, and by the end I was tired. Not overextended, but tired. Actually, I felt good; I think some of the tiredness is coming from not having done any significant walking for over a week, and as I walk I can feel my muscles warming up and getting more limber.

Today I started noticing a bruising-type pain in both hips. There's no actual bruising - I think my use of Arnica Montana, an herbal treatment for bruising and swelling recommended by Dr. Gee - has helped immensely. I've also heard from various friends that Arnica is used by women immediately after childbirth to prevent bruising and swelling. It seems to work great.

The feeling I have in my hips is as if I'd been repeatedly punched there. I suspect that, as the sensation comes back to my midsection, I'm going to start feeling the pulling and stretching that was performed during the operation.

Tomorrow I'm going to have visitors from work. My boss was kind enough to get me a CamelBak hydration pack. He's coming by tomorrow with a couple of my friends and colleagues to deliver it and to bring lunch. He's bringing a satay noodle soup from the Vietnamese restaurant across the street, Viet's Cafe. It's one of their tastiest meals; nice and spicy, with a seafood base and with thin noodles.

Well, it's been an hour since I came back from my walk and I feel good. I plan to do the same walk the next two days; if that goes well, I'll extended it again on Friday.


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