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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Drawn and quartered

I had my "marking" appointment this morning. Basically this involved stripping down to my briefs and having the surgeon draw on me where he is going to cut. I'd stand in one position while he gathered up the loose skin, tightening as much as he reasonably could, then using an indelible felt tip pen draw where the cut goes. Then I'd turn about thirty degrees and he'd gather and mark again. The whole procedure took about ten minutes.

He's going to remove even more than I originally thought. It's a swatch about nine inches wide in the front, and even wider (close to twelve inches) in the back.

There's still a ton to do: I still have to pick up my prescriptions (Percocet and Oxycontin), I have to do my final cooking, cleaning and laundry, and I'm picking up a barstool as an alternative to a kneeling chair. I was unable to find a kneeling chair that had independently adjustable seat and knee pads, and the chairs I tried had the knee pads too close to the seat; I was still bending too much at the waist.

Even though I'm only eighteen hours from my surgery, I'm not nervous; I'm more excited than anything else. I look on this as a big adventure, and definitely a learning experience. The most exciting aspect to me is that I have next week off from work :-).


Blogger kikalee said...

Hey Rick! Rich just forwarded me to your blog. Do you look like one of those placemats from the Hilltop restaurant? In all seriousness, I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. If you need anything don't hesitate to give us a holler. Keep on top of the drugs to get you thru the first few days! We're keeping an adoption blog, something to read when you're bored. --lisa

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